Sony launches new website dedicated to Alpha camera users

sonys new web portal for alpha camera users is filled with useful tips and tricks sony universe

The latest stats indicate mirrorless camera sales in the U.S. are on the rise, and leading that charge is Sony’s Alpha-series of E-mount cameras. Besides an expanding lineup of lenses, the company is supporting users with a new community portal for photo and video enthusiasts. Called Alpha Universe, the website hosts news, social media activities, an interactive calendar of events, and profiles of Sony Artisans of Imagery, among other related content.

At launch the front page includes articles such as “The Joy of Surfing in Ice-cold Water,” a video story that will make you want to reach for a sweater; “What’s in My Bag: Street Photography,” a look at street photographer Michael Rubenstein’s gear bag when he hits the streets to capture interesting urban shots; and “6 DIY Photography Filters With Everyday Items,” discussing some simple ways to create special effects. These are useful photography and videography tips that will benefit anyone, regardless of their brand choice, but all content skews toward Sony’s products, naturally.


The content comes from contributors, influencers, and working professionals, all curated by Sony. The site will also repurpose and repost relevant articles and video from the community, as well as information about its upcoming products. If you’re a Sony camera enthusiast, the company has a new home for you.