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Think Tank Spectral camera bags put security first, but don’t skimp on style

Think Tank Photo’s new Spectral series of camera bags has working photographers in mind. With a stylish but subdued exterior, the black nylon shoulder bags fit in on nearly any assignment, but the key features are a couple of hidden security measures that could help deter thieves from making off with your expensive gear.

The first is the Fidlock fastener. Invisible from the outside, the Fidlock automatically latches when the bag flap is closed. The flap cannot be reopened without pulling on a partially hidden tab to unlock the fastener. The second security measure comes in the form of a zippered main compartment which can be tucked into the main flap to keep it out of the way when actively taking pictures. With the zippers closed and the Fidlock mechanism engaged, accessing your gear is a two-step process that can’t easily be done by a would-be pickpocket.

The Spectral camera bags are available in three sizes, with the smallest Spectral 8 able to hold a standard DSLR body with a short prime or zoom lens attached, up to two additional lenses including a 24-70mm f/2.8, and an 8-inch tablet. It is also suitable for mirrorless camera kits and even has just enough space to carry a DJI Mavic Pro drone in the place of a lens. A front pocket has room for phones, keys, pens, and, importantly, snacks. The midsize Spectral 10 gains enough height to house a camera with a 24-70mm lens attached and a 70-200mm lens on the side. It can also hold a larger, 10-inch tablet. The large Spectral 15 can throw a flash into the mix and can hold both a 10-inch tablet and a 15-inch laptop — and, presumably, even more snacks.

Additionally, all three sizes feature tripod attachment straps on the bottom, a luggage handle pass-through on the back, a padded shoulder strap, a water bottle pocket, and a weatherproof cover that can be stowed away when not needed. Even without the cover, the exterior fabric has been treated for water resistance.

The camera bags are available now and start at just under $100 for the Spectral 8, while Spectral 10 will run you $120 and the line-topping Spectral 15 comes in at $140.

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