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Trends with Benefits: Around the world on solar, Apple AR, military hoverboards

Pokémon Go appears to be kickstarting Apple’s foray into augmented reality, as Tim Cook announced this week that the company will open an entire department to explore AR. With the new iPhone 7 coming out on September 12 and a billion devices already in possession of potential AR fans, the company is poised to be a player in the space.

Would you buy a new game console every other year if Sony and Microsoft kept coming out with new models? As we explored in a recent oped, those companies may be copying Apple to head down that path. We could see newer updated consoles hitting the shelves rapidly, but will it be good for players?

You may not have heard of Zapata Racing, but you’ve almost certainly seen videos of its insane Flyboard Air, which holds a Guinness World Record for the longest distance traveled on a hoverboard. Now, it has been acquired by a military technology company called Implant Sciences. That means military jetbikes, floating rescue stations, scaffolding and unmanned heavy payload drones could be coming soon. Seriously?

Finally, the Solar Impulse 2 reached an alt-energy milestone this week after it flew completely around the world (in segments) without the use of any fuel, other than what the sun provided. This is a monumental accomplishment, so why haven’t we heard more about it? Are we reaching a point where this just doesn’t have a big enough “wow” factor to garner interest? Are we becoming tech-jaded?

Today’s episode features Brad Bourque, Drew Prindle, Caleb Denison and Greg Nibler.

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