Trends with Benefits: Faking diabetes, tech for cats, and more vintage DT tales

This week, we’re cracking a few beers and turning back the clock to look at Digital Trends’ early days with a few of the guys who were around to witness (and sometimes cause) the madness – including a special guest. We reminisce about cringe-worthy “behind-the-scenes” moments at CES, celebrity encounters, company-wide Dawn of War battles, and of course, faking diabetes to get lemonade at E3.

Back in 2009, DT alumni and special guest Leif “Icebreaker” Iverson was the host of DT’s original adventure into podcasts, where he had to crank out an incredible amount of content in a short amount of time, which made for some bizarre content. We open up the Digital Trends vault and play some clips from such past podcast episodes as Tech for Cats, DT Weekly Burger King and Relationship and Dating Text Messaging Etiquette. Yes, those are all real.

CES and E3 are always a big part of DT’s coverage, but while conventions can be a lot of fun, they can also be extremely stressful behind the scenes. With tight deadlines, little sleep, and gallons of free alcohol, things can go off the rails quickly. Nick and Leif remember some of their adventures at past events, including a full sleep-deprived breakdown and witnessing the living Beatles reunited while holding back vomit.

Along the way, we also share tales of MC Hammer and David Hasselhoff, flirting by dropping phones in beer, and a Street Fighter battle projected on the side of a Vegas casino.

We’ll probably be doing some more of these Throwback Podcasts, so let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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