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Trends with Benefits: In the future, we’ll watch Fuller House on a Tesla-powered wall

Google Project Fi appears to be the mobile service that will break Verizon and AT&T’s stranglehold on price gouging … for Nexus 6 owners. Don’t own Google’s flagship smartphone? Then Fi isn’t available to you, yet.

Want your entire wall to be a TV screen activated by lasers?  In the wake of 420, engineers at Google devised a plan for photo-reactive paint that will retain images on a wall. Pretty trippy.

All of the original ideas have been thought, at least in Hollywood. Rebooting franchises from the 80’s and 90’s are the new norm. So how much longer will this last? Rebooting Full House might be a sign that nostalgia has gone too far.

Elon Musk and Tesla are putting the final piece of the electrified puzzle together with the whole-home battery. It’s the most practical, obvious idea that no company has pursued until now.

This week’s guests are staff writer Drew Prindle, A/V editor Caleb Denison, staff writer Ryan Waniata, with host Greg Nibler.

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