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Podcasts from Digital Trends

Digital Trends’ weekly podcasts expand the conversation around the biggest tech stories of the past week, along with everything relevant in the world of streaming media and movies. Tune in for expert opinions and lively discussion, plus concise news recaps of the latest happenings in the world of consumer tech.  Get ahead of the news with our exclusive insights and sneak previews of upcoming tech trends.

Trends with Benefits PodcastTrends with Benefits
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Trends with Benefits is a weekly podcast covering all things tech. Every Thursday we gather a round table of DT’s tech experts along with celebrity guests to discuss a wide variety of topics. We cover everything from the latest trends in smartphones, autonomous cars, home theater, drones, privacy, and emerging tech. A somewhat civil decorum will be maintained in each episode, but make no mistake, we’re here to have fun. New episodes stream live every week at 2:30PM Pacific.

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