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MSI branches out with a new microphone, keyboard with custom switches

MSI is exploring new places at the 2022 Consumer Electronics Show (CES.) During a virtual event , the company announced MSI-branded keyboard switches and an MSI USB microphone designed for podcasting, streaming, or videoconferences.

The new MSI Sonic Red Mechanical switches can be found in MSI’s own Vigot GK71 Sonic keyboard. As expected for a gaming product, the switches are linear and are actuated by 35 grams of force, which is quite light compared to competing products. Both Kailh and Gateron make similar switches, but MSI’s keyboard is the first prebuilt keyboard with these switches, according to Tom’s Hardware. Other features on the keyboard include clear keycaps, foam wrist rests, and the typical media control wheel. Pricing comes in at $109 or $120, and you’ll be able to buy one in February.

The MSI Vigor K71 Sonic
Image used with permission by copyright holder

As for the new microphone, it is called the MSI Immerse GV60. This podcasting microphone has some of the same features as the popular Blue Yeti. It sports stereo, omnidirectional, cardioid, and bidirectional modes. There is also a dedicated mute switch and a 3.5mm jack, so you can plug your headphones in and monitor your audio. Connectivity is quite modern, as the microphone comes with a 10-foot USB-C cable. Pricing starts at $109, with availability set for the first quarter of this year. That’s around the same price as a Blue Yeti.

In addition to the Vigot GK71 and the MSI Immersive GV60, MSI also announced the Vigor GK50. This keyboard is a little more compact and is for gamers with smaller desks. It has a low profile and mechanical switches, with a detachable USB cable. This keyboard looks to be a Europe and Asia exclusive for now.

Of course, you can’t forget gaming laptops or monitors, either. At CES, MSI launched an RTX 3080 Ti-powered Creator Z16P laptop, which we called a MacBook Pro killer. That pairs up with the Stealth GS77 and the Creator Z17. Other products include the RadiX Axe6600 wireless router, the Meg Treble and Meg Prospect desktop towers, and GeForce RTX 380Ti Sea Hawk X 12G graphics cards. You can see most of these products in action in MSI’s Gameverse brief on YouTube.

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