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Gabriel Moss
Gabriel Moss

Gabriel is a freelance writer with a keen interest in gaming and technology. He has written at several sites including IGN, GameSpot, Fanbyte, SlashGear, and others. He has a large collection of miscellaneous interests that allow him to write everything from science news stories to gaming features, but he rarely stays on one beat for long. You can usually find him playing the latest console games, but he's taken a recent liking to CRPGs and Lord of the Rings Online.

lord of the rings gollum art

The Lord of the Rings: Gollum is unintentionally delightful

The Lord of the Rings: Gollum isn't as polished as I was hoping for ahead of its May release window, but it still finds ways to endear itself to longtime fans.
Diablo IV characters stand in a cathedral.

Diablo IV’s always-online play threatens an otherwise killer time

Diablo IV's enjoyable open beta is held back by underwhelming MMO elements.
Lone Echo Arena Review

Meta’s unceremonious Echo VR shutdown is a missed Metaverse opportunity

Echo VR was once Meta's most promising virtual world. Its shutdown is a missed opportunity for its struggling Metaverse.
Space travelers posing in front of colorful planet in No Man's Sky.

These 9 ‘podcast games’ are perfect for multitaskers

Looking for the perfect multitasking game? Here are some of our favorite 'podcast games.'
Spatial Ops

Impressive mixed-reality laser tag game may be VR’s new ace in the hole

Spatial Ops is Resolution Games' next biggest VR invention, and it works particularly well if you have the space to play it.
A Sea of Thieves skeleton sits in front of text that says 2022 Best Live Service Games.

The best live service games of 2022: 10 ongoing games we couldn’t stop playing

It's tough to sort through the vast catalog of ongoing games, but these 10 knocked it out of the park in 2022 with strong updates.
Two Spartans side by side in Halo Infinite.

Halo Infinite’s Winter Update is the boost the shooter needed

Halo Infinite's Winter Update brought Forge, co-op, and more to the game this month. Those changes are already having a big impact.
No Man's Sky warp drive

No Man’s Sky 4.0’s difficulty options make the space game feel new again

No Man's Sky 4.0 brought with it a number of new changes, none of which were as important to its gameplay as the new difficulty slider menu.
galahad 3093 early access hero

Need a new multiplayer game? Try this 24-player mech shooter

Galahad 3093 marries first-person hero shooter sensibilities with classic Mech Warrior-style skirmishes.
Character using lightning in New World.

One year later, New World’s never-ending MMO grind is just fine

New World is still a grind-heavy MMORPG one year after its launch, though it's a bit more relaxed than it once was.
Theodore Masters Peterson in Hello Neighbor 2

Hello Neighbor 2 offers impressive open-ended puzzling and one creepy villain

Hello Neighbor 2 leans into clever level design to make its puzzles feel more dynamic, and its villain is smart enough to stay on your heels.
Arcadian Atlas cutscene

Arcadian Atlas could finally scratch my Final Fantasy Tactics itch

Arcadian Atlas is a promising return to the traditional TRPG style once dominated by Final Fantasy Tactics
Goats fall from the sky.

Goat Simulator 3’s sandbox is 18 times larger than its predecessor’s

Goat Simulator 3 features a much bigger sandbox than its predecessor, amping up the game's barnyard chaos.