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Puzzle Box Horror

Puzzle Box Horror

You started watching scary movies and reading bone-chilling stories as a kid. Like us, people probably thought you were a little weird, but interest in the paranormal is normal. There are millions of stories that cannot be explained by mainstream science. Some of us have a need to know and understand what is behind the veil of paranormal activity and to ask the questions no one else seems to want to ask.

The mysteries and the lore are fascinating and sometimes macabre (and we love them). We’re a growing international community of creatives and paranormal explorers. Sound like your tribe? Welcome to Puzzle Box Horror.

The 10 scariest horror podcasts

It seems that podcasts are a dime a dozen these days, but fortunately for horror fans, the quality quite closely matches the quantity. From The NoSleep Podcast to Alice Isn't Dead, here's our favorites.
insidious vs the conjuring which one is better horror movie franchise bets halloween movies

The best haunted house films and TV shows

The best haunted house horror movies and TV shows that will make you question every door creak or light flickering for years to come.
best underrated john carpenter movies they live 1000

The 10 most underrated John Carpenter horror films

Everyone knows Halloween, but some of John Carpenter's best works are wildly underrated, from Christine to They Live and Creepshow.
horror movies with strong female leads ripley from alien movie

5 horror movies where females took a big bite out of the bad guy

Hosting a horror watch party for your friends? Check out these five scary movies where the female characters took a big bite out of the bad guy and saved the day.
The Evil Dead

7 terrifying movies featuring the Necronomicon — the book of the dead

Sprung from the mind of HP Lovecraft, The Necronomicon has become a book that symbolizes evil in horror culture. It continues on now, as an icon of what can come from the supernatural and occult influences of, what could be, an unknown origin of our universe -- and we get to enjoy a plethora of movies that all have something to do with it.

Horror movies based on true events (and the stories behind them)

Some movies aren't just scary: They're based on real-life events. Here we explore the real stories that inspired horror films about hauntings, possessions and other supernatural events.

5 times horror films made us fear witches

Horror movies featuring witches taking revenge on some poor soul who messed with the wrong people.
Old Book

Five cursed books you should read at your own risk

Reader beware of this list of cursed books, the lore behind them -- and the horrible things that have befallen those who read them