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BBC interviews Digital Trends’ Jeremy Kaplan from the CES Asia showfloor

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) known for bringing the biggest names in technology together established its presence in Shanghai. CES Asia made a splash this week and BBC’s Asia Report consulted Digital Trends’ Editor In Chief, Jeremy Kaplan to get some insights on the show.

Although not as overwhelmingly large as the CES event in Las Vegas, Kaplan admitted that CES Asia, with its 30,000 attendees and 350 exhibitors, was more manageable in size and provides just as much excitement about all the new consumer tech coming out of China.

Some of the world’s largest brands were there to showcase their newest innovations, including everything from drones to kitchen robots, to every one’s favorite, Virtual Reality. VR is not only the buzzword of the event, it happens to be the latest craze in consumer technology that shows no sign of slowing. Kaplan expressed his enthusiasm for the tech “You put the headset on, slip your smart phone in and bang, you’re in another world.”

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