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Quarantined users flock to Pinterest, sparking the launch of a new curated tab

After quarantined users broke Pinterest records, the network is launching a new tool for daily inspiration earlier than expected. The new Pinterest Today tab organizes “timely ideas” selected by actual people, unlike the algorithm generated For You tab that works based on each user’s previous searches and saves.

During the COVID-19 outbreak, those timely ideas look like coronavirus tips from experts, inspiring home workspaces, kid-friendly projects, and comfort food recipes. The recommendations will be updated daily.

Unlike the home feed, Today is based on what’s going on in the world and trending searches, Pinterest says. The tab will be curated by the Pinterest team, but future plans involving bringing in guest editors to make those selections.

The Today tab is rolling out today in the U.S. and the U.K., with additional areas expected to follow.

The pandemic is also sparking Pinterest’s move to expand the compassionate search tool. Previously available on the app, the tool is now migrating to the desktop. Compassionate search integrates mental wellness tools when users search for terms like “stress relief.” Those tools include things like relaxation exercises.

Over the weekend, Pinterest saw more searches and saves than any other weekend since the platform first launched. Sharing a Pin in a private message jumped by 34%. Pinterest says the biggest increases have been searches on cooking ideas, lessons and crafts for kids, and advice on vegetable gardening. The search term “indoor activities with kids” jumped by 1,300%, while “freezer meals” and “working from home” also saw significant jumps over the last two weeks.

In addition to moving up the launch of the Today tab and expanding the compassionate search tool, Pinterest now has a dedicated page for coronavirus searches. The page includes pins that answer frequently asked questions and dispel myths about the virus.

Pinterest also now has a banner directing users to facts from the World Health Organization. Ads that make claims for cures or treatments are prohibited, and a new option allows users to directly report health misinformation on Pins. Health misinformation has been against community guidelines since 2017, but now has a new dedicated reporting tool, instead of the general reporting tool.

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