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Snapchat’s dancing augmented reality hot dog is now a Halloween costume

snapchat dancing hot dog costume
Amazon / Snap Inc.
Have you been seeing Snapchat’s popular dancing hot dog AR filter wandering around in real life? You might not be seeing things, because the favorite filter is now an actual product you can buy. Snap Inc. just launched an entirely new product — a hot dog Halloween costume. That’s right, you can now dress up as the Snapchat dancing hotdog augmented reality filter, if you want to spend $80 on your holiday get-up, that is.

The costume launched on Amazon earlier this week with Snap, Inc. listed as the seller, and the social media company recently confirmed that it was behind the costume launch. Snap is touting the costume as a way to dress up as “the world’s first augmented reality superstar.”

App Attack Dancing Hot DogThe two-piece costume is made from polyester, or if you believe the somewhat tongue-in-cheek description, 100-percent beef. The costume fits best on ages 14 and up, so long as the wearer is shorter than six foot four, and comes in two pieces.

Despite only listing on Amazon for a few days, the dancing hot dog costume has already become one of those Amazon pages that will probably drive visitors to the site just to read the reviews, as a hot dog costume is prime inspiration for online review comedians, with claims of getting promoted after wearing the costume to work, and listing the dancing hotdog among achievements equivalent to landing on the moon.

While Snapchat has since launched a number of different augmented reality World Filters, that dancing hot dog is arguably the most iconic. The platform added animated characters, expanding beyond selfie masks, almost a year ago now. Once the dancing hot dog launched in app, it quickly rose to internet fame. In fact, that dancing piece of processed meat has already inspired a mobile game aptly called Dancing Hot Dog that tests your ability to stack multiple dancing hot dogs.

Last year, Snap Spectacles expanded the company from a photo-sharing platform to a platform for taking photos, too. Although Snap Inc. has started calling itself a camera company, so far the firm has only released Spectacles and related accessories. That, of course, and a hot dog costume.

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