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Snapchat lets sports fans overlay real-time graphics on images, videos

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Snapchat is expanding its geofilters – location-specific filters that can be applied to images and videos – to include live scores from major sporting events.

The feature, which is currently limited to the U.S., has been rolled out to include every NBA arena and additional sporting venues. Attendees at matches can overlay real-time score graphics atop their Snapchat visuals, reports TechCrunch.

The feature is already garnering impressive usage numbers. Last week alone the “Live Score” geofilters saw 20 million views from 51 games.

Having already introduced NFL Live Story compilations, the new feature sees the visual messaging service make its big play with the NBA. Additionally, the move sees the platform take on rivals Twitter and Facebook, both of which cover sporting events via their Moments and Sports Stadium features, respectively.


The real-time Live Score geofilters are a good match for Snapchat as the platform is built to allow users to constantly share media without attracting the ire of others. Unlike on Twitter and Facebook, oversharing on Snapchat can go unnoticed due to the nature of its content feed – if others tire of your constant game-day snaps, they can simply skip through them or ignore them altogether.

The new feature will likely also tie into Snapchat’s increasing emphasis on advertising as part of its monetization strategy. NFL live stories scheduled for Super Bowl 50, for example, are reportedly being sponsored by major brands such as Marriott, Budweiser, Pepsi, and Amazon. Consequently, the compilation videos will carry their ads amidst the other game-related footage.

Although no advertisers have been announced in regard to the service’s Live Score geofilters, Snapchat could court brands to sponsor the filters in the future, in the vein of its sponsored lenses.

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