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The 4 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers

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Over the past few years, we have seen the rise of social media outlets, like Instagram, and the fall of older, more conventional media. This phenomenon has enabled many individuals from various, humble backgrounds to enjoy almost celebrity-like fame – all in the comfort of their own home. These active users, deemed social media influencers, hold a vital role in our society and play out several roles we would have thought impossible just 15 years ago. Their main contributions lie in setting pop-culture trends and promoting brand awareness.

Needless to say, there is quite a bit of fortune to be found in this industry. It seems simple – create an account, post content, then rake in the benefits. However, in practice, it is a little more difficult and complicated. To the aspiring social media influencer, there must be the consideration that there are already a thousand, if not hundreds of thousands, of other people established on social media platforms.

Luckily, there is a solution to this problem. Many websites nowadays are providing a service in which you can buy Instagram followers. This will give any aspiring media influencer a jump-start on the saturated market and hopefully, give them the engagement they need to be successful.

Listed below are a few of the best sites that will assist you in your Instagram marketing strategy.

Top 4 Sites to Buy Instagram Followers Reviewed (2021)

The best site to buy Instagram followers is, and we’ll discuss why below.


Buzzoid makes the top of this list due to its innovative approach to Instagram services. This website offers a manual growth service, in contrast to many of the websites out there. Real people to generate engagement is a guarantee – no more fake followers, nor annoying computer-generated bots. Buzzoid is devoted to developing your account with real Instagram followers (you can also buy Instagram likes here).

If you are dedicated to improving your influence on Instagram, this opportunity cannot be passed up. This type of engagement is revolutionary to the industry – one no longer has to worry about being blocked or banned due to bots’ erratic behavior. Buzzoid is only here to help their clients thrive by eliminating all risk associated.

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Buzzoid’s business model is proven to work. They require only a few related Instagram pages and/or posts that are relevant to the market on which you wish to focus. After those are provided, similar profiles are targeted by following, liking, and viewing their stories. This eliminates any risk involved with promoting your profile and instead aims only to generate high-quality followers that are already involved with the particular community.

As we have said, Buzzoid is a revolutionary business model. You will struggle to find a more genuine service that focuses so intently on their customer’s success. Many different payment options, including PayPal and Bitcoin, are offered, making the move to Buzzoid a no-brainer.

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Reaching a greater amount of followers, receiving more Instagram engagement, and breaking through the stagnant follower count are all guaranteed from Twicsy. This website is yet another tool that focuses on traditional growth tactics that will, without a doubt, grow your influence to unprecedented levels. A simple registration process, flexible pricing options, and a 2-week money-back guarantee all make Twicsy hard to pass up.

This website offers two packages, tailored towards expediently getting you results. Each is backed by a 14-day guarantee, a support team with a proven track record of success, and a tool bag full of Instagram marketing methodologies. This enables you, the influencer or small business, to focus on the fundamentals – content creation.

Twicsy’s registration is as simple as choosing a plan and targeting an audience – it’s that simple. However, if you are one to get into the details – they also offer an innovative targeting system that allows you to pinpoint your audience by gender, location and so much more. With Twicsy, it is a guarantee that you will be put on the fast track to growth, and you will see those results almost immediately. Similar to Buzzoid, you can also buy Instagram likes with Twicsy.

Getting started is easy. In three simple steps, your account will be up and running, and the number of followers will begin to grow. With thousands of success stories, why would you not become their next?

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Customization, affordability, and prompt customer support all put iDigic at the forefront of Instagram promotional services. This website has been around for years and has built a strong rapport among its users, from all around the world. Unlike some other sites on this list, iDigic is dedicated to Instagram and no other social media platforms – so you can expect a full-scale turnaround of your account.

Fake Instagram followers are never an option with iDigic, their custom targeting tools make you wonder why ghosts and bots were ever even a thing. From country to gender targeting, and pinpointing similar Instagram posts, iDigic will generate the likes and followers you need – all beginning within 5 seconds of profile registration.

If the results of iDigic’s services are rolling in too fast, you only need to stroll through their extensive customization options. Included here are not only targeting alternatives, but choices for gradual delivery of likes/followers, and other automation tools. This is an unprecedented feature that can help you stay on top of your IG follower engagement scheme so that you can capitalize fully on your investment.

24/7 client support, quality Instagram followers, and immediate results all make iDigic a strong contender for the best Instagram growth service out on the market. However, their options may just give the site that extra boost they need to overcome competitors. Sign up for a free trial period to find out yourself!

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Your Instagram media presence, social proof, and reach are the number one priority to ViralRace. This website understands that you, the influencer, have more important details to develop and is willing to develop your social network for you.

Flexibility in options is truly what sets ViralRace apart from the competition. The team understands that budget limitations vary from client to client, but why should that slow you down? ViralRace is willing and prepared to work on getting you the results you need, while simultaneously working within your constraints.

Upholding your homepage’s reputation is directly linked to ViralRace’s reputation. So rest assured, no low-quality followers will ever be directed towards your account. This site understands that the influencer must focus on the right facets of your Instagram to reap the benefits, so they take care of all else. Not to mention if you should be in need, their customer support team is always available.

ViralRace also has the most affordable options in the market. Fifty likes for less than $3 USD is hard to beat, especially considering these are real Instagram likes and followers that are being generated. They also have various, secure payment options that ease the process and get you results in just a few moments.

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Buy Instagram Followers: We Recommend

The advantage of siding with a well-established business like Buzzoid is that you will, without a doubt, get the results you are expecting. Buzzoid has been around for so long that they have expanded from solely IG to many other platforms. For a marketing company to expand at the rate at which Buzzoid has, you’ve got to realize that they are doing something right.

Buzzoid knows nearly occult detail there is to know surrounding social media platforms, and they are willing to put their knowledge to work for you. They know, all too well, how difficult gaining exposure can be in this digital age. This has pushed Buzzoid to make it a promise to provide you with the quality Instagram followers and engagement you need to thrive, in an industry-leading turnaround time.

Their model revolves around a risk-free plan of action providing real Instagram followers to your Insta. These followers come from Buzzoid’s own, well-established network. By following you, these users also get paid a share. No more will you have to worry about getting banned from Instagram for using bots or other ghost accounts.

They also provide industry-leading demographics, metrics, and data visualization engines that will show growth in real-time. Growing your influence has never been easier, nor have payment options ever been so painless. Buzzoid’s reputation and portfolio make them a difficult company to pass up if you need to purchase Instagram followers.

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Tips Before You Buy Instagram Followers

Before choosing a service to buy followers and exposure on the Instagram platform there are a handful of tips that will help you to hit the ground running. However, you have to remember that if you are trying to grow your exposure on the platform, there are likely millions of others doing the same.

  • Speed is the Name of the Game

There are millions of people that use Instagram across the world, each generating multiple pieces of content every day. This totals to an inconceivable amount of content that you, the influencer must compete against. This alone is why you want to be buying Instagram followers, but just any service shouldn’t make the cut. You want to register with a company that has a proven track record of delivering results. However, this alone isn’t enough. You want a reputable company that delivers and delivers quickly. One minute can make or break you in the digital age, and you need to find a company that understands this.

  • What’s your Game Plan?

Realistic, down-to-earth goals and a way in which to achieve them are worth their weight in gold in any endeavor. So why make expanding your reach on Instagram any different? Develop your niche, hashtag all your posts, and work towards promoting your account in easy-to-manage steps. It is also advised to establish the amount of money that you are willing to invest into your Instagram – as money can be a crucial factor. You also must consider whether you want to focus on active followers or gaining new followers which can affect how you create your content.

  • How reliable is your Vendor?

Much like what you are attempting to accomplish with their promotional services, these marketers have spent years establishing their own reputation. It goes without saying that you should be wary of any new company that just came to the market and doesn’t have a reputable portfolio. Not only do you have to worry about the results this company will give you, but more important factors such as protecting your own data. Needless to say, a company with a great reputation and proven track record will get you much further than saving just a few dollars. If you want to buy Instagram followers in 2021, your first choice and top pick should be

Pros & Cons of Buying Instagram Followers

We know as Instagram users ourselves, that the competitive edge comes in the form of organic followers. Like any other method of action, there are pros and cons, and purchasing Instagram followers is no different.

Let’s elaborate.


  • Instant Visibility

Seemingly overnight more people are going to be viewing your account and it will seem like a completely different experience. This means that content must be created in a timely, organized manner to fully reap the benefits. Visibility is everything on Instagram, so boosting your page will bring even more followers that want to see your high-quality content.

  • Build Credibility

No matter what your Instagram is catered towards, credibility must be established. Credibility offers faith to you and your cause. There is no other way to gain credibility than by increasing the on your page. The more followers that you have will afford you the credibility you need to become the go-to for the ideal you are advocating.

  • It’s Affordable

Building an empire is not cheap and there are always many frustrating expenditures that you must come to face. Unfortunately, a lot of expenditures have no way of giving back. Luckily, purchasing authentic followers is one way in which you can invest in your Instagram profile while reaping the benefits every day. It is an economical, inexpensive option that anyone can make for the betterment of their account.

  • Saves You Time

Time is money. There is no way around that statement in any sort of business – especially when it comes to promoting yourself on the web. Ideally, you want to spend more time developing content for your page and interacting with your followers than finding followers. Purchasing followers offers hassle-free management of the most time-consuming and frustrating aspect of being an influencer, so why would you not sign up?


  • Instagram may become Stricter

Unfortunately, this is a fact that we all must come to accept. Like most social media companies, Instagram just wants things done conventionally that they approve. The app currently boasts a restriction on fake accounts and has a strict algorithm to detect their use. If caught by Instagram’s algorithm using these bots, the influencer may see their account get suspended or banned. However, by utilizing real followers, you’ll be in the clear. There are also many companies out there that advertise account protection from Instagram itself if you so desire.

  • Can grow to be Expensive

Buying Instagram followers is quite affordable if using a service like Buzzoid, there is no arguing that. However, once you reach a certain threshold, it begins to lose its luster and you may find yourself asking how to engage more with your community. It is at this point that you may begin considering purchasing comments, views, or even likes as well, to increase your engagement rate with your target audience. Needless to say, this can get quite expensive depending on the follower count you already have and what kind of goals you have for your Instagram account. However, some companies offer a bundle deal – followers, comments, views and likes all come in one package, at one price. Prices may vary, but it is well advised to look into these deals before committing.

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FAQ on Buying Instagram Followers

  • Will Buying Followers Work?

Of course, it will. There is an insurmountable amount of evidence validating that buying Instagram followers does, in fact, work. If it didn’t, there would not be a multi-million dollar industry catered towards the services. It is also a standard business practice akin to advertising on say, YouTube. If you take your growth on Instagram seriously, you need to purchase Instagram followers.

  • Is it Safe?

As long as you are doing business with a reputable business account, there is no reason why buying Instagram followers would be deemed unsafe. Social media marketers have worked for years on establishing their brand, if there were an issue revolving around safety they would have resolved it way before going public. A safety concern would be detrimental to the company and its business.

However, it is a safe-practice to research the company thoroughly and look into customer testimonials before committing to a company.

  • What Are the Benefits of Buying Instagram Followers?

There are many. Most importantly it increases visibility on Instagram. The more followers that you have, the more likely it is that your content will show in their feed. Instagram is saturated with content and is only going to increase day after day. Not to mention the fact that there are most likely hundreds of other Instagram profiles marketing the same content as you – with a larger following, more money, and resources that all give them the competitive edge to push their content ahead of yours. Needless to say, your content will not see the light of day unless you can develop a large follower base.

Of course one can build a following by themselves – but the effort required is monumental. Plus, every bit of time that you put into developing a following is detrimental to the time that is required for content creation – and content is what really pulls in followers. It is highly advised to save some time and make a single purchase to save yourself hundreds of hours of labor.

  • What Payment Options Are There?

Well-established companies with great reputations typically offer various payment options. Most notably are Bitcoin and PayPal, namely for their security features. However, before you make a purchase, it may be worthwhile to explore the page. Many reputable websites offer a trial period before making you pay for their services.

Final Thoughts on Buying Followers on Instagram

If you are serious about your reach on the social media platform, Instagram, it is almost imperative that you buy followers. It will save you hours upon hours of frustrating labor that only takes away from the time that you could be spending creating/posting content – which is the real goal of Instagram. Unfortunately, there may be some rotten services out there on the web, but that should not discourage you and your goals. For every not-so-great service out there, there are easily ten more that can provide top-of-the-line services to you. It’s all a matter of discovering them.

In this digital age, we must seek out and find any sort of help that we can get. Promoting on Instagram is no different. Find a company that specializes in social media marketing and browse through their available services. There you will likely find numerous service packages all revolving around followers, likes, views, and nearly anything you could want for your Instagram account. You also want to ensure that the payment systems they use are secure – you do not want to have your information exposed on the internet.

If there are any questions or concerns that you have, don’t be afraid to contact the company’s service team. They are here to answer all questions that you may have in regards to the purchase of the service as well as how the service will be worked out.

Also, don’t forget that when you are doing your research on the company and its services, make sure to keep an eye out for any free trials!

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