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The Dreo ChefMaker has innovative cooking technology that will blow your mind

Man using Dreo ChefMaker to cook

When it comes to cooking appliances like air fryers, toaster ovens, and countertop cookers, there is certainly no shortage of options on the market. Choice is good, but too much saturation can make finding the right one difficult. It helps to compare them side-by-side, and that’s what we’re going to do with the Dreo ChefMaker. It features innovative cooking technology that will blow your mind. As you’ll soon learn, it will revolutionize your culinary experiences.

The Dreo ChefMaker is an intelligent cooking system that makes master-class cooking simple and convenient — making family dinners will no longer be a chore. Imagine cooking gourmet, restaurant-quality meals at home but with the ease of popping them into a capable air fryer. No preheating, no oils, no extra prep. For Black Friday, head to the official Dreo website and use the code DTVIPBF100 at checkout to score $100 off. Instead of its normal $359, you’ll pay $259 while the deal is active.

What is the ChefMaker Combi Fryer by Dreo?

Dreo ChefMaker on counter with food

You know what an air fryer is, right? What about a convection oven or a toaster oven? Well, Dreo’s ChefMaker essentially rolls all of those cookers into one countertop-friendly unit. You can use it to cook complex meals like roasted meats, shellfish, or gourmet preps, or you could also throw in some popcorn chicken or french fries for a delicious snack.

It caters to all skill levels thanks to three flexible cooking modes, starting with Chef Mode for true gourmet meals, Classic Mode for quick meals and snacks, and precision cooking in Probe Mode — reserved for the true experts of culinary arts. There are over 44 presets based on ingredients you put into the cooker, too. When your food is inside, you can use the Dreo App to guide the entire experience. You’ll access step-by-step cooking advice and recipe videos, cooking process updates, get notifications about your current cooking session, and much more.

Don’t worry if smart cooking through an app is not your thing — and we recognize it’s not for everyone — the Dreo ChefMaker works just fine without a connected phone. Throw your meats, veggies, or food inside, adjust the cooking temperatures, and off you go. It delivers reliable, precise cooking results at the push of a button.

Using CombiCook technology, and advanced and patented capabilities, the system intelligently analyzes ingredients and provides users with guidance to prep pro and gourmet chef-quality meals. It helps raise the temps, achieve the right doneness, and also handles pre-searing and browning, if necessary.

The 4.3-inch user-friendly interface tells you everything you need to know right on the system, plus it has a see-through front panel so you can check on your cooks visually every time. When you’re all done, cleanup is a cinch thanks to dishwasher-safe components like the basket. Everything else can be easily wiped down after it cools, of course.

While these features are impressive, the real test is how ChefMaker stacks up against the competition. Let’s take a closer look.

Dreo ChefMaker vs. Ninja Air Fryer XL 5.5-quart

Dreo ChefMaker cooking technology in action

Dreo’s ChefMaker offers multi-stage cooking that changes based on food maturation. No other air fryers or cookers offer such a thing, including Ninja’s Air Fryer XL.

Suppose you’re cooking a juicy steak. With Ninja XL, you’ll have to preheat the air fryer beforehand to get it ready — ChefMaker does not require a pre-heat even for proper cooks. You’ll also have to cook for a certain amount of time, for instance, 12 minutes, while stopping the cook in the middle to flip the cutlet of meat.

Comparatively, ChefMaker’s four-stage process eliminates some of that extra work, plus a unique water spray for temp control helps adjust moisture, heat, and cooking time to create the perfect meal.

Dreo ChefMaker vs. Breville Smart Oven Air Fryer BOV860BSS

A head-to-head between the Dreo ChefMaker and the Breville Smart Oven Air Fryer reveals that, for more robust cooking personalization, ChefMaker comes out on top. You can control doneness and cooking texture and cook based on your own preferences to get the meal precisely the way you want.

Moreover, Dreo continuously optimizes ChefMaker’s control algorithm through software updates based on user feedback and beyond. You’ll never get such a thing with other cookers like Breville’s. Optimized programming, especially through the Dreo mobile app, allows you to fine-tune every cook, every meal, and every experience, but without added hassle — it’s so easy to do.

Sizzling Black Friday deals on Dreo’s ChefMaker

Dreo ChefMaker on counter front facing

All said and done, the Dreo ChefMaker is miles above the competition. It also earned some impressive titles, like winning the CES 2023 Innovation Award 2023 iF Design Award and raising over $1.7 million across 7,358 backers on Kickstarter.

Here’s the best part. For Black Friday, you can use the exclusive code DTVIPBF100 at checkout via the Dreo official website to receive $100 off. Normally $359, that drops the price down to a sizzling $259. That deal is good from November 15 to December 3, so if you’re interested, don’t waste any time. You won’t find a comparable air fryer even with so many Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals on the horizon.

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