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Chaya Rusk

Chaya Rusk

Chaya Rusk is a fully voiced party member perpetually in the thrall of the narrative power of games. She loves Dark Souls mechanics when literally anyone other than her picks up the controller to get dunked on.

D.Va goes it alone in an explosive new ‘Overwatch’ animated short

On August 22, Blizzard released a new animated short focused on competitive gamer and Korean soldier D.Va. "Shooting Star" shows us the origin of her Ultimate ability and one of her most dangerous missions. A new map set in South Korea will be coming to Overwatch soon, as well.
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Federal judge puts the brakes on ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ mod that allowed cheats

An injunction issued Thursday stopped the maker of the Menyoo and Absolute GTA V mods from producing further "derivative content."
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Earn a trove of 200 skins and victory poses in ‘Overwatch’ Summer Games

The Overwatch Summer Games 2018 are live with new summery attire for your hero, three epic skins, and a new stadium and mechanics for Lúcioball. They will run from August 9 to August 31.