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League of Legends 2016: champion select, mastery, and ranked update

Riot Games has announced the update pipeline for the upcoming year for its flagship game, League of Legends.
cyberattack uk parliament

The UK government is trying to legalize mass surveillance this week

The UK government is pushing through a bill to legalize mass surveillance, named the Investigatory Powers Bill. It is the bill's third draft.
phone reception

Nokia plans to test Steve Perlman’s potentially game-changing pCell tech

Nokia plans to test Artemis Networks' pCell technology, developed by Steve Perlman. The tech is reportedly capable of using congestion to its advantage.
vivaldi beta work computer

Want a new alternative browser? Vivaldi launches into public beta

Chrome alternative Vivaldi has announced it is stepping into public beta, after two million technical preview downloads.

Edward Snowden touts Signal for your end-to-end encrypted messaging needs

Edward Snowden needs to be extra careful on the Internet, and one of the ways he keeps safe is by using Signal, an end-to-end encrypted Android chat app.
sprint iphone forever leasing promotion

Sprint customers will be able to call and text while in Cuba

Sprint customers will be able to call and text in Cuba when visiting the country, following CEO Marcelo Claure's historic deal with Cuba's carrier ETECSA.

Microsoft announces major cutbacks on OneDrive storage

Microsoft is lowering the amount of OneDrive storage across the board, and is also removing the unlimited storage plan.

T-Mobile announces 4G LTE tower inside a router, available for Simple Choice customers

T-Mobile has announced a new way to expand 4G LTE in your home or business, removing the spotty connection from cell towers to your phone indoors.

Bond wouldn’t carry Android, Daniel Craig says, declines $50M product placement

James Bond actor Daniel Craig rejected two major offers from Sony and Samsung to carry Android phones in Spectre, apparently having issues with their quality.

Snapchat tries to calm down users after privacy policy scare

Snapchat has added an update to its controversial privacy policy, as it tries to reassure users their information will not be passed on to third parties.
google merging play music youtube red

PewDiePie claims YouTube Red is a direct response to growing number of ad blockers

YouTube star PewDiePie has given some thoughts on YouTube Red, the new subscription service. He claims the main reason it is here is because of adblock.
google project loon indonesia balloon

Google gears up Project Loon balloons for Indonesia Internet swarm

Google plans to start floating balloons in the stratosphere above Indonesia next year, as part of the Project Loon program.
europe votes to drop edward snowden charges citizenfour

European Parliament votes to drop Edward Snowden’s criminal charges

European Parliament has voted in favor of dropping Edward Snowden's criminal charges, letting him seek asylum and be protected against U.S. extradition.
htc q3 financial results

HTC goes from bad to worse with dreadful third quarter financial results

HTC is clearly having its troubles after reporting $151 million in operating loss and another dip in revenue this quarter.
fallout 4 nuka cola quantum

Target, Bethesda, and Soda Jones partner to create Nuka Cola Quantum

Nuka Cola Quantum will be available in the real-world for a limited time, coming to Target stores across the United States on November 10.
lg g4 in hand 1500x1000

LG reports $68 million loss in third quarter, as smartphone business fails to find form

LG announced its first mobile operating loss in its third quarter financial report earlier today.
sony one megapixel two millimeter sensor

Sony reports $280M net profit in Q2, but mobile sector continues to struggle

Sony reported a strong $280 million in net profit for the three month period ending on Sept. 31, but its mobile business continues to struggle.
samsung q3 financial results sign

Samsung announces first profit growth in two years, but mobile sales continue to dwindle

Samsung announced its first profit growth in two years, thanks to strong semiconductor and display sales.
tesla gigafactory gearboxes nevada feature

Tesla has plans for India, but they don’t involve cars

The Indian prime minister's visit to Tesla Motors may have been enough to spark the conversation, but car manufacturing isn't coming any time soon.
apple samsung court case might be over gear s2 vs watch 5376

Apple Watch surpasses all other wearables by a large margin, according to report

The Apple Watch is the hottest wearable by a country mile, according to a new report that claims 75 percent of wearable sales were Apple branded.

Motorola repackages Droid Turbo 2 for UK buyers, removes hideous Verizon logo

Motorola has announced the Moto X Force in the U.K. earlier today, a new 5.4-inch smartphone with a shatterproof display and 21-megapixel camera.
microsoft store grand opening

Microsoft invests even more time to Android, releases its own launcher

Microsoft has officially launched its own Android launcher, named Arrow Launcher. It is available now for free on the Google Play store.
facebook trending fake news blunders mobile

Want to reconnect with an old friend? Facebook won't block your message anymore

Facebook is changing the way people outside of your friends list speak to you, with a new message requests system.
facebook dominance on ios messenger app 4000

Facebook soars ahead of Google and Tencent on iOS App Store

Facebook's combined network of social apps are the most popular in the world, and dominated the iOS App Store charts in the third quarter.
bosch sues dyson james vacuum

Dust up: Bosch files lawsuit over Dyson's 'false' accusations of vacuum efficiency scandal

Dyson vacuum competitor Bosch has sent a lawsuit to James Dyson and his company for false accusations of cheating EU energy label laws.
Droid Turbo 2

Win a free Droid Turbo 2 in Verizon’s latest #WhyNotWednsday promotion

Verizon's new #WhyNotWednesday promotion lets customers try to find the Moto Droid Turbo 2 in a virtual city, with 200 winners snagging a free unit.
apple encryption court order news logo

Apple hits new heights with increased iPhone sales, iPad continues to slump

Apple reported 28 percent annual revenue growth in its 4th quarter financial results, with $51.5 billion in quarterly revenue and $11.1 billion in profit.

Apple rejects 3D-Touch weight-measuring app for misleading title, despite its accuracy

Apple's review team rejected an app that could accurately measure amounts of weight, utilizing the power of 3D Touch, for a "misleading title."
Facebook Smart Phone App

Facebook wants to give its workers a taste of India’s struggle with 2G Tuesdays

It is all too easy to think that everyone experiences the Internet in the same way, but Facebook wants its developers to understand the struggles in India.

JPMorgan Chase announces Apple Pay competitor

JPMorgan Chase has announced a new competitor to Apple Pay, called Chase Pay. It works through QR codes beamed to card readers.

Robinhood announces major update, makes investing on mobile even easier

Investing app Robinhood has announced the largest update since launch, adding cards to show news, updates, and stock info, plus more insight into investing.
airbnb san francisco

Airbnb wants to book your entire trip in the future

Airbnb doesn't want to be your accommodation app, it wants to plan the entire trip for you in the future.
Popcorn Time Software Popular Movies

Most popular Popcorn Time fork goes offline, wants to become a legal service

Popcorn Time's most popular fork has gone offline, shutting down its Web page accounts and shutting down the torrenting app.
yahoo nfl stream 15 million viewers logo on football

Yahoo attracts 15M viewers to first live stream NFL broadcast

Yahoo attracted 15 million viewers to its first NFL broadcast, exclusively live-streamed on the company's homepage and microblogging site Tumblr.