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David Curry

David Curry

Former Digital Trends Contributor

David has been writing about technology for several years, following the latest trends and covering the largest events. He is also interested in video games, music, Asian culture, and history.


Nextbit Robin, the cloud-based smartphone, is now available in ’ember red’

Founded by two ex-Googlers, Nextbit has announced its first commercial product, the NextBit Robin, an Android smartphone with a major difference.
withings thermo feat

Withings’ connected thermometer does way more than take your temperature

Withings has a new thermometer that does way more than take your temperature. It can send data to your doctor, suggest room temperature changes, and more.
Verizon Store

Verizon kicks off wireless 5G testing in the U.S.

Verizon announced plans to test 5G wireless in the United States by 2016, with a small deployment by the end of 2017.
Google Chrome Battery

Google’s plan to speed up the mobile Web could start on February 24

Google has introduced its own platform for publishers, named Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). It is an open source project to build a faster mobile Web.
best smartphones ifa 2015 sony xperia z5

Everything you need to know about Sony’s Xperia Z5 and Z5 Compact

Sony has announced that the Xperia Z5 and the Z5 Compact is making its way to the U.S. and will be available to purchase unlocked and without a contract.
google self driving car detroit

Solve for X showcases all the crazy projects from Google’s secretive X Labs

Google has launched a website to show all of the current and past moonshot plans that have come from the company's secretive X Labs.
Sony Xperia Z5

Sony’s finances show what we already suspected, that Xperia sales are low

Sony's recent financial report shows signs of growth coming from a few places in the company, but the mobile division continues to be a sore spot.
apple iphone found at sea 6s

Apple’s iPhone is still king in the U.S. and China, despite slowing smartphone demand

Despite sluggish sales growth over 2015, Apple's iPhone has reclaimed the throne in the China, surpassing local rivals Huawei, Xiaomi, and ZTE.

Facebook will augment the basic ‘Like’ with anger, sadness, laughter, but no dislike

Facebook has unveiled a new pack of reactions for status updates, letting the 1.4 billion social network users send more than a like to friends.
Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Want a Galaxy S7? Samsung might offer its own easy upgrade program when the S7 launches

Samsung might be planning its own upgrade program, similar to Apple's iPhone upgrade program in the U.S., which will launch alongside the Galaxy S7.
att broadband expansion news new at amp t logo in dallas  tx

AT&T is struggling against T-Mobile’s onslaught

AT&T's latest financial figures paint a worrying picture due to a fall in the numbers of postpaid customers.
google kills nexus news 6p phone android marshmellow

Nexus prices slashed: Now pay just $300 for a Nexus 5X and $460 for a Nexus 6P

Google has announced the two new Nexus smartphones, the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P, at its event earlier today. Here's how to buy it, release date, and price.
LG V10

LG just misses 60 million sales in 2015, mobile business struggles to reach profitability

LG's fourth quarter report shows the South Korean firm is still struggling to make its mobile business profitable, as it narrowly missed 60 million sales.
iPhone 6S and 6S Plus

Samsung may go platform agnostic in 2016 with new iOS apps

Samsung might be planning to bring most of its apps to iOS this year. That will include the Gear app for compatibility with the Gear S2 smartwatch.
android games

Google Play Games eliminates Google+ sign-in requirement for good

Google Play Games will end Google+ integration in 2016, moving to a separate player ID. Users will also be able to login once per account.
dish blacks out nfl network redzone surface

Microsoft Surface tablets knocked unconscious in AFC Championship match

The New England Patriots suffered a networking malfunction during their game against the Denver Broncos, and all the Surface tablets went offline.

Amazon will refund your hoverboard purchase, according to CPSC

Amazon has started to offer refunds for hoverboards bought on the shopping site, as more and more reports of explosions start to hit the Web.
woman uses an android smartphone

Court records reveal how much revenue and profit Google has made from Android

Google's revenue and profit for Android have been revealed in the Oracle copyright lawsuit. Google made $31 billion in revenue and $22 billion in profit.
google paid to be iphone default search engine apple 6s 7855

Google paid $1 billion to be the default search engine on the iPhone

Google paid Apple $1 billion to be the default search engine for the iPhone, and even offered a revenue split for all advertising sales on iOS.
apple 2016 first quarter iphone 6s plus review camera

California anti-encryption bill proposal might force Apple to stop sales on its home turf

California has pushed a new law into the state assembly, looking to weaken smartphone encryption and give law enforcement a permanent backdoor.
apple encryption court order news logo

Apple opens doors for future iOS app developers at its first European dev center

Apple has announced plans to open its first European iOS development center in Naples, Italy. The center will offer specialized support for teachers.
microsoft lumia phone x news leak

Microsoft accidentally leaks the Lumia Phone X with Continuum support

Microsoft might be working on a secretive Lumia Phone X smartphone, after its Chinese division accidentally leaked the name in a video description.
foxconn sharp version 1456367445 head office

Foxconn outguns the competition, reportedly doubles other bids for display maker Sharp

Foxconn has made a $5.3 billion bid for failing display manufacturer Sharp, and has also offered to pay off all the company's debts to Japanese creditors.

Sprint customer? MetroPCS will halve your bill when you switch

Sprint recently extended its 'Biggest Deal in U.S. Wireless History', but MetroPCS is spoiling the fun with its own family deal for Sprint customers.
facebook tor support for android earbuds smartphone mobile headphones

Tor’s anonymous and encrypted software is coming to Facebook’s Android app

Facebook has announced Tor network support for Android devices, allowing mobile users to have the same level of anonymity as desktop users.
A sign outside of T Mobile headquarters.

Netflix supports T-Mobile’s Binge On, although it aggressively fights Comcast data caps

T-Mobile has faced criticism of its Binge On program on all sides, but Netflix CEO Reed Hastings voiced support for the program in an earnings call.
Samsung Galaxy S6

A consumer group sues Samsung for not updating Android on 82 percent of its phones

Samsung has done a lot to improve its software updates over the past few years, but a Dutch consumer group is still unhappy with the lack of timely updates.
vodafone roaming 40 countries europe cellphone service retail

Australia’s the latest to hype up 5G, says it wants the network operational in 2020

Vodafone Australia has joined a growing list of organizations that are looking for a 5G network launch by 2020.
verizon plans explained store

Verizon skirts around Net neutrality laws with its new FreeBee sponsored data program

Verizon has introduced its own sponsored data program earlier today, following AT&T's lead. It allows companies to offset the data cost for viewers.
samsung phones banned in us galaxy s3 s4 palm swipe take a screenshot

Oh no! A handful of old Samsung Galaxy smartphones have been banned, thanks to Apple

The U.S. District Court on Monday announced a handful of old and retired Samsung Galaxy smartphones were banned from the United States.
htc virtual reality division spinoff rumor vive steam vr augmented ar

HTC might be planning to spin off virtual reality division

After a run of unsuccessful mobile launches, HTC might be banking on its virtual reality division for the future of the company.
ZTE Nubia Prague S

ZTE announces Nubia Prague S with an all-metal design and eye scanner

ZTE has announced the Nubia Prague S earlier today, a slight upgrade on the recently released My Prague model.
1176856 autosave v1 whatsapp phone feature

WhatsApp goes free, says $1 annual charge was a barrier for some users

WhatsApp has announced it will drop the $1 annual fee, as it was hurting the app's growth in certain regions.
microsoft project cheshire screenshots windows 10 phone v2

Microsoft may launch its mobile keyboard on multiple platforms, starting with the iPhone

Microsoft is bringing its popular Word Flow keyboard to other third-party platforms in the next few months, starting with the iPhone.