Ezekiel Wheeler

Ezekiel Wheeler

Ezekiel Wheeler is an automotive designer by education but obsessed classic, race and tuner gear head by trade. When he's not running around the globe chasing car phantoms he's at home collecting Hot Wheels and motoring books.

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Car accessories holiday gift guide

Our automotive-obsessed loved ones aren't always easy to shop for during the holidays. They require more than a heavily-branded car t-shirt or a Pep-Boys gift certificate. Accordingly, we have compiled a list of the best new products that…

Even by concept car standards, Infiniti’s modular, transforming Syntaptiq is nuts

Now in it’s eleventh year, the LA Auto Show Design Challenge is back to invade our imaginations and have us begging our favorite manufacturers, “Why haven’t you made this yet?” This year’s theme: “Sensing the Future: How Will…