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Frank Kobola

Frank Kobola


Frank Kobola was weaned on hi-fi from an early age, thanks to an intensively obsessive father. He's written for Cosmopolitan and Esquire, but his early career was focused entirely on consumer electronics and installation. When he's not writing about consumer electronics, he's tinkering around with them at home almost constantly. He also looks forward to The Singularity, when man and machine will finally become one.

A promotional image showing a child and two adults having their hair blown pack by the power of a 3D TV image.

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bo a9s nordic sky a9 speaker

B&O’s A9 Nordic Sky wireless speaker brings Danish sunsets into your living room

Bang and Olufsen updates its A9 wireless speaker with a suite of new colors inspired by Danish sunsets. Surprisingly, with the Nordic Sky line, a little bit of color goes a long way.
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