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The Moen Essie Pull-Down Touchless Faucet brings sense and style to your kitchen

Moen’sEssie MotionSense kitchen faucet is a solid showcase of style and tech. The automatic faucet helps keep both you and your faucet and sink clean by making sure you never have to touch it.
Product Review

One of our favorite electric skateboard companies made a drone. So we crashed it.

After falling in love with the Haloboard electric skateboard, we decided to give the company’s drone tech a try. Are Halo’s air vehicles on par with its ground ones? Keep reading to find out.
Emerging Tech

Piloting Mekamon's robot gladiator is just as much as fun as it sounds

Have you ever wanted to miniaturize the spectacle of Battlebots, and bring it into your living room? Mekamon lets you do just that with its tiny-yet-intimidating, smartphone-controlled robots.
Smart Home

BedJet blasts your sheets full of hot air, and it feels as lavish as it sounds

BedJet (of Shark Tank fame) is essentially an HVAC system for your bed. But is a stream of air between your sheets really as great as BedJet’s marketing team would have you believe?