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Jason D'Aprile

Moen Essie Pull-Down touchless faucet

The Moen Essie Pull-Down Touchless Faucet brings sense and style to your kitchen

Moen’sEssie MotionSense kitchen faucet is a solid showcase of style and tech with an automatic faucet helps keep you, your faucet, and sink clean by making sure you never have to touch it. This kitchen upgrade is a straight-forward installation project for an average diyer with an hour or so to spare.
Halo Drone Pro review |

Halo Drone Pro review

Halo makes some of our favorite rideable gizmos ever, so when we found out it now makes drones too, we jumped at the opportunity to try one out.
Mekamon review

Mekamon review

Ever wondered what it’s like to control a four-legged robot and fight augmented reality battles in your living room? Check out Mekamon .
Bedjet review

Bedjet review

BedJet is essentially an HVAC system for your bed. It blows either warm or cool air into your sheets – and we tried one out so you don’t have to.