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Loyd Case

Loyd Case

Former Digital Trends Contributor

After graduating from Western Washington University with a major in Chemistry and Minors in both math and physics, Loyd went on to receive a Masters from the University of California, Santa Barbara. He then embarked in a career in technology writing. His work can most recently be found in PCWorld, where he held the role of Senior Editor for PC Systems and related technologies.

LG 29EA93 Review

microns new tiny 2tb ssd is bad news for laptop hdds hdd and

SSD + magnetic drive = storage heaven: How to maximize storage on a Windows PC

We show you how to maximize your storage options by combining an SSD for Windows and applications and a large hard drive for data.
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Less really is more: Why pint-sized PCs finally punch above their weight

Small PCs used to be synonymous with low performance. But that's no longer the case today. Don't underestimate the little guys; they can pack quite a punch.

HP 27xi Review

The HP Pavilion 27xi is a sharp-looking PC display offering good image quality. While we'd prefer a higher resolution, the affordable price makes up for it.
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What we learned at GDC 2013: Consoles and PCs merge, but mobile and free-to-play are king

With GDC behind us, we've come to the conclusion that the PC wins the console wars. But the real wave of the future is in free-to-play mobile and tablet games.

BioWare discuses the risks of keeping Mass Effect 3’s development going long after launch

AMD plans for the cloud, once again teases the fastest graphics card you can’t buy

AMD’s presence at Game Developer Conference focused on cloud gaming for mainstream gamers with the launch of AMD’s Sky GPUs for cloud servers.

Intel (finally) gets into the gaming game

Xbox SmartGlass refines the second screen experience, even as the next gen looms

GDC 2013: HP and ALT Systems team up to offer game developers something new