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How to set up Xbox Game Streaming and play games on your phone

Now that there's support for Android devices, you don't need to pack a Windows PC to play your games abroad.

8K is a distraction that’s not worth gamers’ time

8K is getting some buzz, but for gamers, there's really no reason to get excited

Microsoft just opened up the Xbox Console Streaming preview to all Xbox Insiders

Whether you've just signed up for the Xbox Insider program or are a veteran, Microsoft will now let you try the Xbox Console Streaming preview to play your Xbox One games on an Android phone.

Fortnite is giving iOS players more control and iPad Pro users more frames

The latest update for Fortnite on iOS brings more support for now-standard controller inputs and a higher framerate cap, as spotted recently by 9to5Mac.
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Mark Hamill hasn’t been asked to play The Witcher’s Vesemir, but he’s interested

Mark Hamill, the actor best-known for playing Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars movies, has expressed his interested in playing Vesemir in The Witcher series, but he still hasn't gotten an official offer.

Sony doesn’t need a portable PlayStation, and neither do you

Sony's decision against a new portable console is the right call. It already has a good alternative to a new portable console, and it could be a better option for gamers, as well.