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How to build the crazy sniper shotgun in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is here with a smorgasbord of new weapons and attachments for gamers to try out. Players can customize their weapons to fit their play styles, whether that be running-and-gunning or hunkering down and camping. One crazy combination reared up on the internet, though, seeing the unlikeliest of weapons pull off an insane feat of long-range combat.

Reddit user TmuIIz posted a clip from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare that was shared by Polygon showing off the 725 shotgun landing a headshot on an enemy so far off in the distance, they were barely visible even with a scope. At that range, we wouldn’t expect a shotgun to do anything, but the shot lands for a kill, instantly making the sniper shotgun one of the craziest weapons we’ve seen in the game.

If you’re looking to get your hands on this up-close, long-range monster, we’ll explain just how to set up your kit in Call of Duty’s Gunsmith.

Equip your shotty

For the kit TmuIIz used, you’ll need to equip the 725 shotgun. This shotgun is a beast up close, easily landing one-shot kills. So when you’re not trying to land tricky, long-range shots with it, you can blast away nearby enemies.

Customize it in Gunsmith

TmuIIz explained the 725 setup used in the clip as having “Mono supp, tempest 32 Barr, fmj, slug, Browne 32 mm scope.” We’ll go over how to set that up and what other options might offer more flexibility.

Here’s the short version for those familiar with Gunsmith who just want TmuIIz setup.

  • Muzzle: Monotlithic Suppressor
  • Barrel: Tempus 32 Competition
  • Optic: Brownlee 32mm scope
  • Ammunition: Slug
  • Perk: FMJ


Jump into Gunsmith to customize the kit of your 725. Starting from the front, slap a Monolithic Suppressor on the Muzzle slot.  This not only quiets the weapon, but also increases its damage range. It may slow the ADS speed, but you’ll already need to spend time lining up long-range shots.


Ensuring you get the maximum range for the gun, put a Tempus 32 Competition barrel in the Barrel slot. This is the the one used by TmuIIz, and the only one that helps with range. The others available for the 725 will actually hinder your ability to hit distant targets.


There’s no Laser in this setup, but there is an optic. That’s the Brownlee 32mm Scope. While this is the one seen in the clip, you can select any of the long-range scopes you want. If you don’t plan to go for too many across-the-map shots, you may be better served by a lower-magnification scope like the VLK 3.0x Optic.


This kit also skips the Stock and Underbarrel slots. But, you’ll need to select the Slug for your ammunition. Standard shotgun pellets spread, but when you fire a single slug, it’s going to keep all that damage in one spot. This will mean you need to control your aim better than you’d otherwise need to with shotgun ammo, but it ensures kills at greater distances.


Lastly, the kit skips over the Guard slot in favor of a Perk. TmuIIz used the FMJ (Full Metal Jacket) perk to increase bullet penetration. If you don’t plan on shooting enemies through cover, you could swap this out in favor of a different perk or attachment. Some of the available Stock and Underbarrel mods can help with recoil or hip-fire, while Laser mods can boost your hip-fire as well.

Jump in and try it out

With those mods, your 725 will be kitted out for combat, so jump into Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and give it a go while you can. Plenty of players are upset by shotguns ability to take them out so quickly, and even DrDisrespect has been spotted raging about the shotgun, among other things. There’s a chance something like this could get patched for game balance.

But, it’s worth noting that the developers saw fit to include a 4x scope for the 725 as an option in the first place, and they likely wouldn’t have done that if they didn’t intend for it to be used. So, you may have until the 2020 launch of Call of Duty: Black Ops 5 to keep it cheesy with the sniper shotgun.

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