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Mike Llewellyn

Mike Llewellyn

Mike started out as a magazine editor, then handled communications for a series of tech companies. Today, he’s a freelance writer and the man behind the one-man branding shop Sycamore Creative, which is based in Philadelphia.

iris scanners can lock and unlock your doors eye scanner door locks

5 eye-scanning door locks that will secure your home like its Fort Knox

Iris scanning technology isn't just for high-security data centers and military bases anymore. It's about to make the jump into homes.
brewbot homebrew made with iphone 143455 201309 040  by simon mills c3fa99 original 1412166943

Brewbot, the automated homebrew machine, will soon be out in the wild

Many first-time home brewers are surprised to find out how hard it is to make decent beer. New iPhone-guided Brewbot wants to make it easy.
thread protocol now available

Google-backed Thread now available to start connecting your home

Thread may be just the latest of many wireless protocols bidding to become the residential standard. But this one's got some very powerful friends.