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Stirling Matheson

Stirling Matheson

Stirling Matheson is an journalist who has covered real and simulated cars since 2009. In addition to driving, Stirling is also a professional ballet dancer and the director of the Ballet Theatre of Indiana.

Forza Horizon 4 Hands-On Classic British

‘Forza Horizon 4’ review

Forza Horizon 4 adds a new twist to the popular franchise – seasons. These change the huge map, demanding new ways to approach the same old challenges. This promises almost endless racing, but will you want to keep playing? Our Forza Horizon 4 review reaches a definitive verdict.
f1 2018 review f118 screenshot 001

F1 2018 review

F1 2018 strives for authenticity. The result is a demanding racing game that will overwhelm your senses – but it’s also among the most entertaining, and realistic, simulators we’ve ever played. This F1 2018 review digs deep into Codemasters’ latest entry in this long-running game franchise.