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Tim Esterdahl

Tim Esterdahl

Tim Esterdahl is an award-winning, freelance automotive journalist who lives in Western Nebraska. He has published work in many major publications including the Boston Globe, Chicago Sun-Times, Truck Trend, Four Wheeler, Motor1,, and more. Tim’s focus is covering pickups and SUVs along with classic pickups. He also hosts the Pickup Truck + SUV Talk podcast and oversees the brand’s YouTube, website, and social media channels. In addition to covering the industry, he is currently writing a restoration book on 1960 through 1966 Chevy C10 pickups.

Trail Trek Tour

We dragged 7 crossovers onto 4WD trails to see what breaks, and who makes it

Challenging the notion you can’t off-road with a CUV, we took 7 CUVs and pitted them against each other in a unique off-road competition. A blown tire, numerous scrapes and a few close calls later, a clear winner emerged from the pack – 2019 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk.
ram rebel 1500 truck off road technology features ram1500features feat1

Go off-road in your bathrobe thanks to the rock-taming tech in Ram’s new Rebel

Off-roading doesn’t have to mean crawling around in the mud to lock hubs and climbing into a jacked-up cab. Ram’s Rebel 1500 uses technology to take the discomfort out of the road less traveled, and it works shockingly well.
Toyota Hydrogen Trucks

In a smoke-choked port, riding along in Toyota’s hydrogen-powered semi