Zoe Meggert

Zoe Meggert

Zoe has a deep love for tech that improves her experience in the great outdoors. She’s constantly searching for the latest gadget that’s going to make her next adventure more amazing. When she’s not on the hunt for these unicorn tech finds, she’s backpacking, running, reading, writing, or hanging out with her two dogs and her husband.

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Welcome to the second barefoot revolution

Vivobarefoot partners with Sensoria to create a connected barefoot experience that aims to bring healthy feet back to the world.
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Skinners takes the pain out of running with your feet naked and free

Even those who prefer to run, walk, hike, and generally exist without traditional footwear still require protection from the elements. Skinners offers a radical new product as a solution.

Skinners barefoot running socks are so durable you can walk on broken glass

Skinners is minimalist footwear that is perfect for barefoot runners who might happen across broken glass or miscellaneous Lego.