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Crazybaby built carbon nanotube acoustic tech into these wireless headphones

crazybaby air nano headphones lifestyle photo 04
It’s tough to top yourself when the last product you debuted was a floating speaker. But three years after setting the bar quite high with its flying saucer of an audio device, Crazybaby is back to impress its customers again. Its latest product is the Air by Crazybaby (Nano), otherwise known as the Air (Nano). With more than three weeks left in its campaign, these new headphones have already smashed their original $50,000 funding goal by more than 1,000 percent, as over 6,200 backers have pledged nearly $580,000 to bring these wireless earbuds to market.

This is not the first set of headphones to come from Crazybaby’s portfolio. The company launched its Air headphones in December 2016, but the new Air (Nano) claims to combine the latest in technology with Crazybaby’s uniquely creative aesthetic. The new earbuds are splashproof, and claim to make use of carbon nanotube technology for acoustic purposes. Plus, the Nano features the newest CSR chip, which claims to be the latest in Bluetooth technology, so that you’ll always stay connected to your smartphone. Compatible with both iOS and Android devices, the NANO is Bluetooth 5.0 ready, and is said to have 12 hours of battery life for listening to music, or 16 hours of talk time.

“Air by Crazybaby (Nano) sports a new spin on our classic design, with a range of vibrant colors to suit every style, offering everything you’d find in Air by Crazybaby at the very best value,” said Allen Zhang, Founder and CEO of Crazybaby. “We’re excited to introduce the Air (Nano) at a price point of just $99, making this technology even more accessible to all, as we continue to push the boundaries of wireless personal acoustic devices.”

The charging capsule doubles as a sleek case for the earbuds, and supposedly, you’ll get 90 minutes of use out of just five minutes of charge when you’re pressed for time.

Available in a slew of colors including black, white, red, purple, pink, Matte Gold, Austin Yellow, Morandi Blue, Atlantis Green, and Volt Green, these new headphones certainly look to be catering to just about any style. But hopefully, the common denominator is quality.

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