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You can pre-order Fossil’s new Q Wander, Q Marshal smartwatches as of Friday

fossil q marshal wander launch
If you’re in the market for a new smartwatch, you have a few more options to choose from. The Founder Q Marshal and Q Wander watches that were announced earlier this year will be available for pre-order starting Friday — they will hit stores August 29 — with prices starting at $295.

The two watches aren’t all that different from the Q Founder, which was released to the public earlier this year. For example, they’re all Android Wear watches, and they feature always-on displays, ensuring you always have access to the time. Just like a real watch.

So what makes the watches different from each other? The Wander comes in gold and looks much softer, while the Marshal looks a lot more rugged and vintage, thanks mainly to its leather straps. It’s not known if the devices have the flat tire look on the display — where part of the bottom of the display isn’t actually used for the display — but if the new watches are anything like the Q Founder, they will indeed have a flat tire.

Although no one would buy these watches simply for fitness tracking, one feature that’s missing from them is a heart rate sensor. Many newer watch models feature a heart rate sensor of some kind, and if Fossil wants to compete with the likes of the Apple Watch, a heart rate sensor will be a necessary addition to the company’s next set of smartwatches. This could obviously add some extra bulk to the watches, so perhaps that’s the reason for the omission.

Of course, these are just a few devices Fossil has released in a very busy year. Apart from the three smartwatches, the company has also released a number of fitness trackers, such as the Q Reveler and Q Dreamer.

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