Hexoskin’s Junior smart shirt helps you keep tabs on your future Olympian

Hexoskin is one of the biggest names in smart fitness clothing, but its high-tech, expensive workout gear is typically associated with professional athletes and fitness addicts. Nonetheless, the company has a brand-new line of fitness gear for kids, called the Hexoskin Junior collection.

These $150 shirts feature an impressive array of sensors that will track young athletes’ data while they train for their next competition. Each shirt has a small, inside pocket where a tiny Bluetooth device is stored. The Bluetooth device connects to the sensors that are woven into the fabric. The sensors monitor both activity and sleep, with a focus on various metrics. The Hexoskin Junior shirts can track the wearer’s heart rate, step count, sleep duration, calories burned, heart rate recovery/variability, breathing/volume, activity level, acceleration, cadence, and more.


Users can then check out all their metrics in the companion app (available for iOS and Android) to learn more about their performance and where they can improve. Hexoskin says its shirts can also help trainers spot problems and prevent potential injuries. The company claims that keeping an eye out for injuries is particularly important for young athletes who are still growing and are at greater risk than adults.

Of course, the Hexoskin Junior shirts aren’t for most kids — They’re specifically designed for young athletes who hope to play sports professionally or perhaps make it to the Olympic games. The Hexoskin Junior shirt is available for pre-order in sizes XXS to XL on the company’s website. A single shirt costs $150 and the starter pack, which comes with two shirts, runs around $380.

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