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The Huawei Watch GT 3 has a shamrock to fill, not rings to close

The Watch GT 3 is Huawei’s latest smartwatch, following the Watch GT 2 Pro, with an upgraded health sensor array, processor, and a motivational tool called the Healthy Living Shamrock. Yes, really. Breaking away from Apple-style activity rings to close, Huawei has adopted the shamrock shape as the visual aid to monitor daily activity on its new smartwatch.

Huawei Watch GT 3 Strap options.

It’s certainly different, but before we get into the fitness side of the Watch GT 3, let’s take a look at the design. There are two versions, 46mm and 42mm, and each is made from stainless steel with glass over the screen and a combination of ceramic, glass, and plastic on the case back. The design echoes the existing Huawei Watch 3, as do many of the specifications.

The 46mm model weighs 42 grams (presumably without the strap) and has a 1.43-inch AMOLED screen with a high 466 x 466 pixel resolution. The smaller 42mm Watch GT 3 has a 1.32-inch screen and is lighter at 35 grams. Huawei has made the Watch GT 3 quite slim too, with the case being just 11mm thick on the 46mm model and 10.2mm thick on the 42mm version. For comparison, an Apple Watch Series 6 is 10.7mm thick.

On the side of the case is a rotating crown for navigating through the HarmonyOS 2.1 operating system and a single action button below it. The software is powered by an upgraded processor from the one used in the Watch GT 2 Pro, and the sensor on the back of the watch is also new.

The TruSeen 5.0+ sensor contains more signal receivers to collect more light, which, combined with an upgraded A.I. algorithm and a new optical film to reduce signal interference, should make the heart rate and blood oxygen readings even more accurate than before. The case back has a 2.5D curve, which Huawei says makes it more effective at taking measurements against sweaty skin.

Huawei Watch GT 3 colors.

There are more than 100 workout modes, a new running evaluation mode that uses historical data to create a personalized running plan that evolves dynamically as you improve, plus route back navigation and reminders to hydrate and relax. But what about that Healthy Living Shamrock? Well, Apple has its Activity Rings, and Huawei has its Shamrock. Shaped, unsurprisingly, like a shamrock, the concept is to fill each leaf to visualize how close you are to meeting daily goals.

Other features include sleep tracking, stress monitoring, dual-band GPS, environmental guidance such as sunrise, sunset, and tide times, plus cycle tracking, abnormal heart rate warnings, and internal storage space for up to 500 songs. There’s Bluetooth to connect to wireless headphones too. Battery life varies depending on the model you choose. The battery in the 46mm Watch GT 3 is expected to last 14 days with low use or eight days of heavy use, while the 42mm watch will last seven days with low use or just four days with heavy use.

The Watch GT 3  will be released in the U.K. on November 10, and prices start at 230 British pounds (around $320) for the 46mm version, and 210 pounds/$290 for the 42mm version, depending on which strap option you select.

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