Jony Ive thinks the iWatch is so super cool it could disrupt the Swiss watch industry

jony ive iwatch is super cool could disrupt watch industry

Most smartwatches aren’t exactly what you’d call attractive — some of them are downright ugly. LG’s new G Watch R and Motorola’s upcoming Moto 360 are two of the best looking ones so far, but it’s undeniable that many are waiting to see what Apple brings to the table with the iWatch.

Recently, Apple’s famed designer Jony Ive, who helped shape the company’s famous design aesthetic, told the New York Times that he thinks the iWatch is super cool. Ive reportedly talked up the iWatch, saying that its shaping up to be an incredible device that will change the smartwatch game. He told the publication that Switzerland, a country famous for its luxury watch industry, could be in trouble.

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Ive wouldn’t reveal any details about the design or the iWatch’s specs, but it’s obvious that he really, really likes the way its coming along. Apple has a history of redefining new industries with cutting edge designs. The iPod and iPhone are two of the most famous examples. Now, it seems that the company wants to revolutionize the smartwatch industry with the iWatch.

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At this point, smartwatches are widely considered a niche product, in which the average customer has no interest. If Ive’s proud statements prove true, Apple may just make an iWatch that inspires those who don’t live on the bleeding-edge of tech to buy their first smartwatches.