This smartwatch takes the embarrassment out of answering calls on your wrist

klatz smartwatch phone mode’s Puls isn’t the only bracelet-style smartband you should be paying attention to this week. The .klatz is the newest smartwatch project to show up on crowd-funding site Indiegogo, and like the Puls, has an unusual sci-fi inflected style all of its own. The design certainly makes it stand out, but what makes it unusual is that it can be used as a phone.

There’s none of that Dick Tracy, talk-into-the-wrist nonsense when you get calls on the .klatz. You simply unclip and unfold it, then hold it up to your face. The device is an odd shape, but it’s considerably less conspicuous than having a loud, two-way conversation with your watch, particularly in public.

Despite its ability to make and receive calls, the .klatz isn’t a standalone device, and still requires connection to your smartphone using Bluetooth. The circular, solid wristband will be made out of aluminum and contain a high-capacity battery, which should return up to 10 days of continuous use, or a month of use if it’s in power-save mode. The company has sensibly opted against fitting a large, color touchscreen, and gone for a Nike FuelBand-like LED matrix, instead. It’s gesture controlled, and only operates when needed.

The smartband shows the usual call, message, and email notifications, plus it will act as a fitness tracker and a remote control for the music player on your phone. Calls can be answered or rejected from the wristband. The .klatz will be compatible with iOS and Android devices at launch. Windows Phone support could come in the future.

The .klatz made its debut on Indiegogo this week, and is only a few days into its campaign, which has a $140,000 target. If you want to get involved, the Early Bird special is still available at the time of writing, and offers the watch for $100, with a $15 international shipping option. If you miss out, the .klatz will cost $140. Deliveries won’t take place until March and April next year at the earliest.