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A new set of guided workouts is Microsoft’s new year’s gift to its fitness Band wearers

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Microsoft has started sending out an update to its Microsoft Health platform, and the Microsoft Band fitness wearable which links into it, that adds 12 new guided workouts and plans to the system. Microsoft already has a wide selection of plans available for download, but the new sets are designed to appeal to everyone, regardless of their ability and fitness level.

The 12 new workouts include plans built by fitness author Mark Rippetoe, who has produced a three-phase Starting Strength Workout Plan for Microsoft Band wearers to work through. It joins several “Simple” workouts concentrating on lower body, upper body, and total body exercises, along with plans which require some equipment. Microsoft doesn’t expect you to have a fully stocked gym to hand, but some of the new workouts require either a set of free weights, kettlebells, or a jump rope to complete.

Earlier in January, Microsoft pushed a general software update to the Microsoft Band and to the Health app, which primarily addressed performance and fixed a few bugs. Microsoft has also reiterated the web-based Health platform is still being developed, and that it’ll have more to tell us in the coming weeks.

Microsoft’s Band is one of the most comprehensive fitness tracking wristbands on the market. It contains a bewildering sensor array, monitors sleep, and can easily double as a smartwatch. The biggest complaint is its shape and design, which at best is ungainly, and at its worst, unwearable.

The new guided workout plans will be available starting January 15.

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