This fitness tracker is yours for free, if you subscribe to the $12 per year companion app

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Not too keen on splashing out $200 on a fitness tracker? Still not convinced at $100? OK, how about spending $0 and getting one? It sounds almost too good to be true, but amazingly, that’s Pivotal Living’s promise. It’ll give you a free wearable fitness tracker, and the only catch is you need to subscribe to its companion mobile app for a year. The cost? A mere $12.

Speaking to Geek Wire, CEO David Donovick, a Microsoft veteran, said it’s “technically the first free tracker in the world,” and added that he’s in the business for the long-term. “We’re not going to pump and dump our product and be gone,” he said.

Called the Life Tracker 1, the wrist band counts your steps, estimates calories burned, measures the distance you walk, and monitors your sleep. It will wake you up during a light sleep phase, and will gently alert you during the day if you’ve been sitting still for too long. The design isn’t groundbreaking, but the Life Tracker 1 has a digital display on the front, which also shows the time. It’s water resistant, and the battery should last about a week.

You pay for access to the Life Tracker 1’s mobile companion app. Daily goals can be set using it, and data measured by the band is stored and collated. It will also keep track of your weight, tell you about the quality of your sleep, and make you aware of any trends which emerge as it monitors your activity. The app will be available for Android and iOS devices.

Pivotal Living App

Donovick’s confident the low-cost of the band, and simple-to-use, but still comprehensive, app will keep wearers coming back each year. The company offers an annual replacement scheme for the band itself, and is planning on adding more connected devices to the Pivotal Living platform in the future.

You can pre-order the wristband now, by paying just $12 up front. Deliveries should take place in early December, and only in the U.S., while the app should be available in app stores shortly before.