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Why carry an extra phone battery when you can wear it?

Wearable technology takes many different forms, but this wristband could be one of the most unusual yet. It’s called the QBracelet, and instead of showing you how many steps you’ve taken, or displaying notifications, it charges your phone’s battery. Equipped with a either a MicroUSB or a Lightning connector, the QBracelet’s built-in 1160mAh lithum-ion battery has enough juice to give the average phone around 60 percent of its energy back.

While battery packs are nothing new, they’re not usually all that portable, and rarely could they be described as stylish. We’re not entirely sure if the QBracelet’s going to be everyone’s idea of jewelry, but it’s certainly better looking than a flat, black slab with a few wires sticking out of it. The design is apparently suitable for men and women, and will be available in a brushed or matte black, polished or matte silver, or a flashy polished gold for the truly ostentatious.

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The connector is hidden inside the bracelet’s clasp, something like a Nike FuelBand, and once connected to the phone, it doesn’t flap around or get in the way, so the device can still be used. Also like the FuelBand, the QBracelet will be sold in different sizes. Described as light and sleek, we quite like the futuristic looks, but because it weighs between 40 and 50 grams, depending on the size, you’ll certainly know it’s on your wrist. For comparison, the aforementioned FuelBand weighs 27 grams.

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If you’re always worried about finding a charger, and don’t want to stuff a regular battery pack in your pocket, then the QBracelet could be for you. It’s up for pre-order right now for the special price of $80, but this will increase to $100 once it goes on regular sale. According to the company, if you pre-order now, the bracelet will be with you in time for the holidays.

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