Razer wants to bring gamers together, and it’s using a $20 fitness band to do it

A cool, well-priced fitness tracker aimed at the gaming community, with considerable potential for the future.

Fitness wearables usually connect to our smartphones, but rarely do they connect us with other people. Gaming firm Razer aims to change all that with the socially driven Nabu X wristband, which can bring Razer community members and fans together with a system not unlike Nintendo’s StreetPass feature on the 3DS.

Razer wants to use the Nabu X to build its own online community

Wearers who pass each other will exchange a digital handshake, and the band will vibrate to let you know a likeminded soul is nearby. A high-five can be used to share Facebook or Twitter information, and the band can be configured to distribute information like your Steam profile when it finds a match, by using third-party apps. Razer wants to use the Nabu X to build its own online community, and the wristband is perfect as a cool identifying mark. Gamers can be a tribal lot.

The Nabu X is an evolution of the Nabu wristband launched last year, but instead of being adding features it’s been stripped back to the basics – and is all the better for it. Razer has abandoned the OLED screen and replaced it with three LED lights. These are used to indicate which app needs your attention, display battery life, plus progress towards your goal. This has two benefits. It helps the battery last up to seven days and keeps the price down.

Removable core module suggests big plans for the future

Razer’s design team obviously liked Sony’s first SmartBand, as the Nabu X is an almost carbon copy. A removable core module means you can customise the color of the wristband to your taste. White, black, and green will all be available at launch. More interestingly, it opens the door for Razer to produce a range of accessories using the module in the future. The company wouldn’t confirm it had such aspirations, but the knowing smiles we received upon posing the question suggests it’s fully aware of the potential.

Nabu X 1

The slim, floppy, rubber band is comfortable, lightweight, and IP67 water resistant. The Nabu X will track steps, calories, distance traveled, and sleep. You’ll need both a utility and a fitness app from Razer installed on your phone to communicate with the band, and they are compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

Razer wants its fans to buy the Nabu X and is encouraging them to do so in the best way possible – a big discount. Registered U.S. Razer Insider community members will pay just $20 for the Nabu X, and get it sometime in mid-January. Regular retail price is $50, and a global release will follow in the spring. The social aspect of the Nabu X makes it unique, its uncomplicated design looks cool, it has all the right features, and Razer’s the type of company which makes us excited to see what it’ll come up with using the core module in the future. The fact it can be had for only $20 completes the package in the best way possible.


  • Very well priced
  • Modular design
  • Social features should appeal to gamers


  • A little too niche for wide appeal