More goofy than Google Glass, Sony’s SmartEyeGlass specs are now yours for $840

sony smarteyeglass on sale news face
Now that Google Glass has shuffled out of the limelight, firms with a similar device may start making a more concerted effort to highlight their own take on the face-based technology.

Sony has just launched its SmartEyeglass (Developer Edition) specs in 10 countries. However, its somewhat goofy design, limited functionality, and whopping $840 price tag is likely to ensure most people not interested in development will steer well clear of this particular gadget. Oh, and there’s also the small matter of whether anyone’s even interested in owning such a device, an issue Google is likely looking into as it considers if and how to move forward with a revamped version of Glass.

The super-thick rims on Sony’s SmartEyeglass gadget mean that unless you’re the type that really loves to draw attention to yourself, you’ll be unlikely to step out in public with these stuck on your face.

Yes they include “unique hologram optics technology” and yes they offer “true augmented reality experiences,” but there’s a wire and separate controller attached, and the display’s monochrome and the battery only lasts an hour when using its 3MP camera and, y’know, it has a dorky design. Sure, this version is for developers and not the mass market, but it’s questionable whether even they will want to fork out nearly a grand to help Sony knock this particular number into shape.

But let’s not give up on Sony’s effort just yet; maybe the Japanese tech company can mold SmartEyeglass into something impressive (and better looking) over time, and in doing so make it attractive to its main targets of industry and enterprise, particularly businesses engaged in activities where it helps to have both hands free.

Sony’s new high-tech specs, if you’re interested, can be picked up now in the U.S., U.K., Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, and Japan.

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