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Want to pay off your student debts? Why not play this online trivia game

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Student debts in the United States have surpassed $1.2 trillion, a figure that’s hard to look at with a smile on your face. California startup Givling is trying to make a dent in this number with something that just about anyone can do: Play an online trivia game.

As reported by Wired, forking over 50 cents gives you entry into the true-or-false Web-based trivia game. Topics range from current events to art to pop culture, with participants randomly grouped together into groups of three. Get three questions wrong and you’re out, but manage to keep getting answers right and you’ll have a chance at earning some money. At noon every day, the team with the highest point total gets a cash payout.

However, there’s an interesting twist to this game, particularly if you’re a student dealing with student loans. You can sign up for what Givling calls Giving, an open call on Facebook that gives students spots in a funding queue. Playing Givling is not mandatory to get a spot in the funding queue. Once the queue hits $10 million, those in the front of the line get $5 million towards their student loans. Out of the remaining $5 million, meanwhile, $4 million goes to players with the highest scores and $1 million goes to daily rewards.

Aimed at an early March launch, Givling’s web-based aid towards student loans might not necessarily be the one solution necessary to fix the student loan problem faced by the United States. In addition, charging 50 cents per game isn’t exactly cheap. Even so, it seems it will be an addicting way to keep your student loans in check — or add to them.

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