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When the world ends, ditch that 4×4 and get yourself a Ripsaw EV-2 drift tank … trust us

The apocalypse is no place for tires. In a world filled with broken glass, barbed wire, and sharp debris with no cleaning crew, tires tend to spring leaks. The ominous, constant threat of death is all around you, and you don’t exactly have time to fix a flat.

So, what’s better than a tire? Well tank treads of course, because they can go anywhere just as easily as they can squish your undead enemies.

With that in mind, the Ripsaw EV-2, manufactured by Howe and Howe Technologies, might just be the vehicle to get you through the apocalypse. The “pinnacle of track vehicle design,” the sleek vehicle is fast (it equips a mid-mounted, 650-horsepower blown V8), agile (it wears pneumatic suspension), and it looks mean as hell, inside and out.

Howe and Howe Ripsaw EV-2

Check out the video above to see the EV-2 marauding through a snowy landscape, jumping, sliding, and plowing through everything in its path. The footage was captured via drone, which gives the vehicle a surreal, video game-like presence that makes us all tingly inside.

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Geoff and Michael Howe, the maniacal inventors behind the Ripsaw, have carved out a name for themselves by supplying manned and unmanned vehicles for both military and civilian use for years.

Outside of ‘Swat-Bots,’ ‘Bulldog’ fire trucks, and robotically-controlled bulldozers and ballistic shields, the Howe bros are also known for the ‘Ripchair 3.0’ off-roading wheelchair.

A trail-ready chariot featuring two continuous tracks, the Ripchair 3.0 has a special compartment for existing wheelchairs and equips a 29-hp four-stroke engine. Simply roll in, bolt up, and turn the key, and you’ll be reaching speeds up to 17 mph over rough terrain in no time.

Furthermore, the Ripchair boasts storage for guns, fishing rods, and drink cups (of course), and there’s even a snow plow option. Talk about jack of all trades.

So whether you’re a military vehicle aficionado or just a good old-fashioned gearhead, the innovative Howe brothers are definitely worth keeping your eye on.