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A BMW i3 with a built-in ATM is the latest on-demand service from Poland’s Idea Bank

The push button age is gone and the app age is upon us. Now, we can summon food, cars, and even a potential intimate rendezvous with a simple swipe of the finger. A bank in Poland is embracing our on-demand lifestyles now be going to the next level, offering its users the ability to order the delivery of money.

The appropriately named Idea Bank has piloted a program where its members can summon an ATM-laden BMW i3 to conduct transactions. Customers simply need to download and register the app, then request one of the four i3s with built-in ATMs to any location within the user area.

It might sound like something concocted for those too lazy to hoof it a few blocks, but the real purpose behind the service is to benefit Polish entrepreneurs and business operators. As many as 80% of the people surveyed say that they make nightly cash deposits, with half of them doing so after dark. Anyone having to make that after-hours trip to the bank deposit slot knows how its a hassle at best and dangerous at worse.

BMW i3 Idea Bank ATM

This saves them the time and effort of making an extra journey, allowing them to focus on their business. If the program proves popular, it will expand throughout Poland and possibly even be mimicked by other institutions across Europe.

We like the idea of Idea Bank employing the modern looking, all-electric BMW i3. It adds a look of legitimacy to the project and doesn’t add to the carbon footprint of the city. Having someone pull up in a Dacia Sandero claiming to be from the bank would raise a few eyebrows.

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We’re wary about them becoming the McDonald’s Happy Meal for car jackers, though. It may be some time before something like this manifests here in the states (if at all), but we’ll be wishing it did next time we’re on the prowl for that 2 a.m. post-bar kebab, and we’re only carrying credit.