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Apple Store now offers 256GB and 512GB flash storage options for iMacs


Some people prefer to have the ability to launch apps and find files quickly over having a generous amount of storage space, which is why Apple has started offering new flash storage options for its 21.5-inch iMacs. The smaller iMacs come with a 1TB hard drive by default, and the only other option used to be a 1TB Fusion drive for $250. Now, you can choose to replace the 1TB HDD with a 256GB or a 512GB SSD when you configure your new computer on the Apple Store.

Apple’s Fusion drive is the combination of a 128GB SSD and enough HDD space to total 1TB. The idea is to save oft-accessed files on the SSD portion of the Fusion drive for faster access while saving everything else on the HDD portion. It’s the perfect choice for those who need a lot of storage but also want quick access to their important data. However, if storage is no issue and you’d rather boost your computer’s speed, the new SSD options might suit you more.

This is the first time the company added SSD options for its 21.5-inch iMacs, although it has previously added a $900 768GB SSD storage configuration for its 27-inch all-in-one computers. If the $900 SSD is any indication, the new alternative storage choices are anything but cheap: 256GB will set you back $300, while the 512GB SSD will cost you $600 on top of the iMac’s price.