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The 10 best MacBook Air cases, covers, and sleeves

One of the main selling points of the MacBook Air is its svelte figure, but thin laptops can be easy to damage. If you’re going to be out and about, or you want to be able to quickly sling your laptop into a larger bag without worrying, then a case or sleeve is probably a wise investment. Below are some of our favorite offerings when it comes MacBook Air cases, covers, and sleeves. Whatever you need in terms of protection, style, function, or price tag – there’s something here for you.

Inateck MacBook Sleeve ($10)

Inateck MacBook Sleeve

This smart, padded sleeve comes in an unassuming black that won’t draw wanted attention to your expensive MacBook. The inside is also lined with a super-soft, fleece material that ensures the outside of your laptop doesn’t pick up any scratches. There are two zippers for easy access to the main compartment, and there’s an additional pocket on the outside with its own zipper that’s handy for stowing accessories and cables. The smooth, woven design — reminiscent of modern backpack chic — and the modest price tag make this a tough choice to overlook.

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Incipio Feather Case ($50)

Incipio Feather Case

For a minimalist veneer of protection the Feather case from Incipio cannot be beat. These snug cases are extremely light and thin. They add a protective layer to your MacBook Air that will prevent dings and scratches from showing up on that pristine aluminium. There are openings for the ports and vents, so the case doesn’t impact on normal usage of your laptop. Most of the Feather range is translucent, so the Apple logo shows through. You can pick white, black, blue, or pink. There are also a couple of matte options in pink or grey. Rubber feet provide a little extra protection and grip for surfaces. You won’t find anything thinner than this unless you go for adhesive skins.

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Burkley MacBook Air Cover ($80)

Burkley MacBook Air Cover

You’ll love the luxurious look, feel, and smell of this genuine leather MacBook Air cover. It’s handmade and has a finish Burkley is calling “antique coffee,”– otherwise known as brown. This cover is really well-made. Flip it open and there are two elasticated straps at the top and a pocket with a touchpad cut-out to hold your MacBook firmly in place. The lining has a soft, suede feel, and there are vent holes cut into the cover at the spine to prevent it from causing heat problems. You’re going to want a separate bag because this is essentially a leather folder, but it is stylish and protective.

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Twelve South BookBook Rutledge Case ($100)

Twelve South BookBook Rutledge Case
Disguise your MacBook Air as an old hardbound leather book with this clever case. It’s tough, with reinforced corners, but is nonetheless lightweight and has a soft, padded, microfiber interior with elastic straps at the top to hold your MacBook in place. The distressed leather finish is designed to look like a weathered tome, complete with a ridged spine that says Book Book near the top and Vol XII at the bottom. There are two zippers with weathered leather tags hanging off them, making them easy to find and pull. You can get a slimmer version with a rounded spine for a bit less, but we think this one looks better.

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GMYLE Hard Case for MacBook Air ($20)

GMYLE Hard Case for MacBook Air Fin
Not every case is built for ultimate padding and protection, and slim cases like the GMYLE Hard Case make up for compromised protection with a slick design that preserves the thin feel of your device. That’s not to say it won’t protect your MacBook Air from the occasional scratch and ding, but it’s not going to be as helpful when it comes to drop protection. The hard-shell case easily attaches, and while we think the galaxy and nebula prints are particularly attractive, there are also paisley, flower, and marble options available for those not keep on out-of-this-world protection.

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