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Intel Targeted by NY Antitrust Probe

New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo has announced that his office has issued a subpoena seeking information on whether Intel violated antitrust laws by coercing its customers to shut rival chipmaker AMD out of the market.

Intel is facing similar investigations in South Korea, Japan, and Europe, although—despite AMD’s best efforts—federal antitrust officials have so far declined to weigh in. In 2005, AMD filed a lawsuit against Intel alleging it abused its top position in the microprocessor market to unfairly forcing customers to stay away from AMD. Intel has denied the claims.

“After careful preliminary review, we have determined that questions raised about Intel’s potential anticompetitive conduct warrant a full and factual investigation,” Cuomo said in a statement. “Our investigation is focused on determining whether Intel has improperly used monopoly power to exclude competitors or stifle innovation.”

An Intel spokesperson confirmed the company had received the subpoena, and would work “very hard” to comply with its demands. And AMD spokesperson confirmed to Reuters it had also been contacted by Cuomo’s office.