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MSI FX5900XT Review

Quote from the review at HardOCP:

“NVIDIA has put themselves in an awkward situation with the 5900XT. With the performance it has shown and the potential it has with overclocking at the price point it is being sold at it could actually hinder sales of their 5700Ultra. Why purchase a 5700Ultra at the same price of a 5900XT when the 5900XT is faster?

We definitely see a pattern with the games and cards tested in this review. The FX5900XT is much better competition to the Radeon 9600XT then the 5700Ultra is to the 9600XT. The Radeon 9600XT beats the 5700Ultra in almost every game, but the tables turn when you factor in the 5900XT. The 5900XT is able to match or beat the 9600XT in more than a few games by allowing you to run at higher quality settings than the 9600XT and still perform the same or better though there are some games where the 9600XT is the winner.”

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