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CoPilot SatNav Headed for iPad

CoPilot, makers of existing GPS software for the iPhone and Android, now hopes to launch the go-to application for navigation on the iPad 3G with CoPilot Live HD. The app, which has been submitted to Apple but hasn’t yet appeared in the App Store, will offer high-resolution GPS to take advantage of the iPad’s full 9.7-inch screen.

Users would definitely be able to see where they were going on the iPad. The website Pocket-Lint is reporting that the app will have a split-screen display that will feature a 2D map of the directions, and a 3D representation with turn -by-turn prompts.

It will also switch between portrait or landscape mode, feature pinch-to-zoom functionality, and allow users to control their iPods without closing the navigation.

The release is slated to coincide with the iPad 3G, which has the necessary GPS receiver missing from the Wi-Fi iPad. More maps will become available in the following months, all without paying a monthly subscription fee.