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EraTech EMP-ZII MP3 Player Review

Quote from the review:

“The headset acts as necklace. The audio cable itself is the necklace. I reviewed other necklace style headsets that had a separate string which looks not as nice as this one. There is also a rubber neck piece to keep the cable in place and make it comfortable to wear. The necklace can also be adjusted in length with the rubber piece. The Eratech or Beatsounds Player is designed to be comfortable wearable all the time and be more seen as a fashion accessory or jewelry piece.  
Besides its looks and size the color screen enhances the EMP-Z2 quite a bit. Below are several photos of screens from the user interface, which uses fun 3d icons. The player features a built-in Li-Ion battery that provides 10 hours of play time. The battery recharges via USB. The USB cable plugs in instead of the headset cable. It plays only MP3 files. No other formats are supported. This is limitation that comes with the small size I assume. The frequency range is 20-20,000hz and output is 6mW. The player can come either with 128MB or 256MB. ”

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