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‘Titanfall 2’ review

'Titanfall 2' has refined the original’s best ideas to make a great game that facilitates awesome moments. See Full Review »

Our Score 9

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Gone Home Review

  • Exceptionally tense play, even in the absence of…
  • One of the best interactive stories yet told
  • None
Our Score 10

DuckTales Remastered Review

  • The cartoon look is spot on
  • An incredible blast of nostalgia
  • Responsive controls
  • Far too many interruptions for dialogue
  • Not a lot to it
Our Score 7.5

Saints Row IV Review

  • The superpowers are fun to use in any situation…
  • The writing is at times laugh out loud funny
  • The story missions are varied, and repetition or…
  • The city and several of the mini games are taken…
  • Lots of glitches, including game enders
  • Co-op missions are unimpressive
Our Score 9

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Review

  • Gut-wrenching story and lovely character work.
  • Surprising level of control with simple inputs.
  • Beautifully conceived world.
  • None.
Our Score 10

Rise of the Triad (2013) Review

  • Fast-paced old school gameplay
  • Tons of fan service
  • All the options and features PC games should have
  • Lots of glitches and bugs
  • Insufficient arsenal
  • Horrible platforming and jumping puzzles
Our Score 7

Dragon’s Crown Review

  • A perfectly paced and balanced brawler.
  • Mind-bogglingly gorgeous art.
  • Lengthy without ever becoming tedious.
  • Online play not available from the start.
  • Art can sometimes obscure the action.
  • Underdeveloped Rune system.
Our Score 9.5

Pikmin 3 Review

  • Story mode is paced well and delivers a solid…
  • Gorgeous visuals make the most of the Wii U…
  • Mission and Bingo Battle modes provide multiple…
  • Multi-group micromanagement isn't as fun as it…
  • Occasional fixed camera moments lead to…
Our Score 9

Shadowrun Returns Review

  • Faithful reimagining of the Shadowrun universe for…
  • Great writing joins with flexible dialogue…
  • Robust platform for future expansion
  • Minimal focus on character progression and loot…
  • Autosave feature not aggressive enough to justify…
Our Score 8.5