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Sling TV's Cloud DVR feature is now available on Amazon devices for $5 per month

Why it matters to you

If you've been waiting to see Sling TV's Cloud DVR feature, but didn't enter the beta, here's your chance.

Sling TV announced late last year that it was adding a highly requested feature: Cloud DVR functionality. The feature has since entered beta, but was only available for customers watching Sling TV on a Roku device. Now, the availability of the feature has greatly expanded with the addition of Amazon devices to the mix.

Cloud DVR functionality is now available on the Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick, as well as the company’s Fire tablets. Android phones and tablets and Android TVs are now also supported. Sling TV said the Apple TV will be the next device to gain Cloud DVR support.

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Unlike those watching on the Roku, there is no need to sign up for a beta. Instead, Sling TV has introduced a “First Look” program for the Cloud DVR feature, with customers getting 50 hours of Cloud DVR storage for a $5 per month fee. Those in the beta are still getting 100 hours of Cloud DVR storage at no cost, and this will remain the case as long as their subscriptions remain active.

“Many customers have requested Cloud DVR since our launch, and as more consumers cut the cord, we know Cloud DVR is a must-have feature for many consumers,” Ben Weinberger, Sling TV chief product officer, said in a statement. “We also know some customers prefer to watch our 30,000 on-demand titles, and we don’t want to make them pay for a feature they won’t use. While other OTT [0ver the top] providers force everyone to take Cloud DVR at a higher price, Sling TV continues to give our customers choice and control over their entertainment experience.”

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Cloud DVR functionality isn’t available on all channels, but on those where the feature is available, you can pause and rewind live TV and schedule recordings just as you would with a standard DVR. Unlike the DVR functionality provided by PlayStation Vue, there is no 28-day storage limit on recordings. Instead, the service simply deletes the oldest watched recordings when you hit your storage limit.

The Cloud DVR add-on is available to both Sling Orange and Sling Blue subscribers. Once added, it enables the feature on any supported device you use. For more information, read the announcement on the Sling TV blog.

Updated on 03-09-2017 by Kris Wouk: Edited to clarify pricing for Beta users.